Regatta poster (2017)

The Hammersmith Amateur Regatta is run by an independent committee under British Rowing Rules of Racing and the RowSafe Safety Code.

Free start, 1400 metres with the tide. The regatta is held on a tidal river under normal Tideway navigation rules. The river WILL NOT be closed to other users.

ENTRIES AND PAYMENTS VIA BRITISH ROWING ONLINE ONLY. Entries close at 12:00pm on Saturday 15 April 2017 or when fully subscribed.

The following events are offered in Open and Women’s categories:


Minimum three entries for events to run. Crews entering an under subscribed event will be moved into a higher status event unless they request otherwise. Masters races may be handicapped.

With your entry, please advise:

  • any doubling up of crews, coxes or equipment (this will be accommodated where possible);
  • if you do not wish to be moved up in the event of insufficient entries;
  • senior status for junior crews; and/or
  • alternative events to ensure suitable competition.

The draw will be made at 103 Brookwood Avenue, London. SW13 0LU at 14:00 on Saturday 15 April 2017.

Enquiries (no entries): Kate Rennoldson,

The timetable will not allow sufficient time for crews to return to Putney or Chiswick between races.

The draw will be available on by the end of Monday 17 April 2017, along with all Competitor’s Instructions.

Sponsored by Fuller, Smith and Turner