Hammersmith Regatta 2019: Saturday 27 April

UPDATE Saturday 27 April: REFUNDS – we are pleased to be able to confirm that the organising committee has agreed to refund all crews the full entry fee. This includes crews that have scratched who would not normally be entitled to a refund.

It is such an exceptional circumstance for us to have to cancel the regatta and we are fortunate that we have sufficient funds to cover the costs we inevitably incurred (thank you Fuller’s). Please note that if it were to happen again next year, we may not be able to refund all fees.

Refunds have been made via BROE and should go back onto the card / account used to make the original payment.

UPDATE 1100 Friday 26th April Hammersmith Regatta Cancelled

With great regret the organising committee have taken the decision to cancel the 2019 regatta.  The forecast winds (and consequent weather warning) are such that it would not be possible to safely run the event.  A number of alternatives were considered before this decision was taken.

The committee will be meeting tomorrow (Saturday) to finalise and agree refunds, but we are hopeful that all or substantially all entry fees will be able to be refunded.  Clubs will be contacted directly after that.

Thank you for your entries. The timetable is now available…

UPDATED TIMETABLE [25-Apr]: HAR 2019 Timetable v1.1

Registration will be open from 8am on Saturday and contactable (on the day only) on 07724 756358.

Instructions and guidance:

Standard Tideway navigation rules apply. Pages 77 to 81 of the code give specific directions for the area around Hammersmith Bridge.

Tide times are estimates and crews must ensure they assess the direction of the stream before boating and then boat with their bows pointing into the stream.

Please read the competitor’s instructionsHAR 2019 Instructions and safety notice to crews

WelfareHAR 2019 Welfare Statement

Other guidance / instructions: Guidance for trailer drivers


A slightly lighter lot of entries this year means that we’re able to fit all of the scheduled racing into our ebb tide session, with the first race at 09:15 and last scheduled race at 15:25. After a break for the turn of the tide, we’re aiming to run a short invitational Explore rowing event from 16:30, so if you can stick around, please do support the competitors new to the sport.

If your club is planning to bring a trailer, please could you get in touch (secretary@hammersmithregatta.org) to give us an estimated arrival time; motor vehicles are not allowed on Furnivall Gardens and we’d like to have some volunteers ready to help you.

Please think of the environment: use reusable bottles which we will happily fill up for you, and dispose of your litter in bins (ideally recycling ones) or take it home with you.

For those travelling by car: please note that Hammersmith Bridge is closed to motorised traffic.