Hammersmith Regatta 2021: Saturday 24 April

The Hammersmith Regatta Committee will be meeting in late February to consider options for the 2021 regatta. We will be looking to the latest government and British Rowing advice at that time.

We will also be considering what course to use assuming that the river under Hammersmith Bridge remains closed.

The 2020 Regatta was cancelled part way through planning due to Covid-19, and the 2019 Regatta was cancelled the day before it was due to take place due to high winds. This website still shows information published for those two cancelled regattas.

Instructions and guidance – from the 2019 regatta – these will be updated nearer to the date of the regatta:

Standard Tideway navigation rules apply. Pages 77 to 81 of the code give specific directions for the area around Hammersmith Bridge.

Tide times are estimates and crews must ensure they assess the direction of the stream before boating and then boat with their bows pointing into the stream.

Please read the competitor’s instructionsHAR 2019 Instructions and safety notice to crews

WelfareHAR 2019 Welfare Statement

Other guidance / instructions: Guidance for trailer drivers


If your club is planning to bring a trailer, please could you get in touch (secretary@hammersmithregatta.org) to give us an estimated arrival time; motor vehicles are not allowed on Furnivall Gardens and we’d like to have some volunteers ready to help you.

Please think of the environment: use reusable bottles which we will happily fill up for you, and dispose of your litter in bins (ideally recycling ones) or take it home with you.

For those travelling by car: please note that Hammersmith Bridge is closed to motorised traffic.