Hammersmith Regatta 2021: Saturday 24 April

UPDATE, 06 April: following our latest committee meeting, we’re getting everything lined up and finalising a few details. We’ll get entries open as soon as we can on BROE. A few notes on how things will work this year:

  • Only clubs that can boat from their own facilities and row to the course will be allowed to race (no visiting crews)
  • Crews will need to follow their own club’s measures to limit the spread of Covid
  • No spectators. Please ask friends and family to stay away to help with social distancing. Competitors should disperse as soon as possible after competing.
  • We have a shorter race day than usual as we will only be running on the ebb tide (in the afternoon), so limited racing time
  • We will be carefully managing entries to get an efficient and exciting competition (so some entries may be rejected if there isn’t sufficient competition)
  • We won’t be allowing doubling up (unless entry numbers are very low in the first few days of entries being open)

Instructions and guidance:

Usual Tideway navigation rules apply. Note that Hammersmith Bridge is closed to river traffic passing underneath it as well as any passage over it.

Competitor’s instructions, welfare statement and Covid policy will be added here soon.

Tide times are forecasts only and crews should make their own assessment of the stream before boating.


Please think of the environment: use reusable water bottles and dispose of your litter in bins (ideally recycling ones) or take it home with you.