Regatta Information

Registration will open at 7am on Saturday. A crew representative should come to register and collect the race numbers. Coxes will be able to weigh in at registration or you can self-certify using this form. This must be done on Saturday before racing.

The race schedule is now on easyregatta: (you can also access this through the easyregatta app).

The schedule on easyregatta does not reflect the updated race times of the following races:

  • R47 (final) – will take place at 10:48 – W Sch/Jun 2x Band 2 – ASL / CCS
  • R83 (final) – will take place at 14:26 – W 8+ – BBL / AKN
  • R84 (final) – will take place at 14:28 – Op J14 8x+ – CCS / TKN

Also note that we operate a policy of winner stays on, so crews winning a heat or semi final should return straight to the start for the next round*. Some of the scheduled turnarounds that the software has given us are extremely tight; we’re not going to change that now, but will work around it on the day. The start marshals will have these races identified on their paperwork and adapt as needed. If your next round is against another winner, please try to stay with them and get to the start together.

*except where the rounds cross one of the breaks for turn of tide

Please could all competitors read the instructions:

We also provide the regatta’s Welfare Policy for information: