Hammersmith Regatta 2019: Saturday 27 April

Planning for our 2019 regatta has started. We hope that you’re looking forward to joining us. Entries will open on BROE in mid-March.

[Instructions from 2018 – these will be updated nearer to the date of the regatta]

Timetable – latest update [27-Apr]: HAR 2018 Timetable v0.3. Affected crews’ representatives notified directly.

Registration will be open from 7am on Saturday and contactable (on the day only) on 07464 333583.

Standard Tideway navigation rules apply. Pages 77 to 81 of the code give specific directions for the area around Hammersmith Bridge.

Tide times are estimates and crews must ensure they assess the direction of the stream before boating and then boat with their bows pointing into the stream.

Please read the competitor’s instructionsHAR 2018 Instructions and safety notice

Welfare: HAR 2018 Welfare Statement

Other guidance / instructions: Guidance for trailer drivers

Notes to accompany the timetable:
Finals are scheduled through the day, so you shouldn’t be hanging around for a very long time between rounds. In some cases (where the gap is less than 30 minutes), winners will need
to go straight to the start for their next round. This is annotated on v0.2 of the timetable.

Most junior events, particularly younger juniors, are in the third session as we prefer to have them race on the ebb tide.

If there are three rounds to your event, one of the gaps should be longer to allow to you come in. However, some times are still quite tight (working around various combinations of doubling up, etc). At low tide, if you’re without trestles, smaller boats can easily be rested on the side of the AK pontoon (bow on the ground), also avoiding the need to carry them up from the beach.

Remember that boating with your opposition is the best way of ensuring your race starts on time. Please keep registration informed of any delays, etc.