Instructions for trailer drivers

Regatta Control will be at Auriol Kensington Rowing Club, 14 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ.

  • Hammersmith Bridge has width restrictions so you cannot go over the bridge with a trailer. If you need to cross the river, you should do so at Putney Bridge or Chiswick Bridge.
  • To get to Rutland Grove, you should go towards the slip road onto the Westbound A4 and take the left into Bridge View, then right at the end into Rutland Grove.
  • The turning into Rutland Grove can be tight; you may need to unhitch your trailer to get around the corner.
  • Furnivall Gardens, at the end of Rutland Grove, will be open. No motor vehicles are allowed onto Furnivall Gardens, so trailers must be unhitched and pushed into the Gardens.
  • Parking on the local roads is restricted on Saturdays. Cars can be parked without charge on the roads to the west along the A4, or over the bridge in Barnes.

A map and further information on getting to the regatta by public transport is available on the AK website: