Instructions for trailer drivers

Regatta Control will be at Auriol Kensington Rowing Club, 14 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ.

  • Hammersmith Bridge has width restrictions so you cannot go over the bridge with a trailer. If you need to cross the river, you should do so at Putney Bridge or Chiswick Bridge.
  • To get to Rutland Grove, you should go towards the slip road onto the Westbound A4 and take the left into Bridge View, then right at the end into Rutland Grove.
  • The turning into Rutland Grove can be tight; you may need to unhitch your trailer to get around the corner.
  • Furnival Gardens, at the end of Rutland Grove, will be open for trailers, but vans and cars may not go into Furnival Gardens. You will need to unhitch your trailer and push it into the gardens.
  • Cars and vans should be parked on the road. There are no parking restrictions on Sundays on the local roads, but it can get busy. For further parking options, go westbound along the A4 and take the next left onto Rivercourt Road.

A map and further information on getting to the regatta by public transport is available on the AK website: