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Hammersmith Amateur Regatta 2005
Event Starters 1st Verdict 2nd Verdict 3rd
O Nov 8o 3 Shiplake College B.C. 4 l Thames R.C.
O J15 8o 6 Latymer School B.C. 1 l Canford School
W S3 8o 3 Thames R.C. e St Pauls Girls School 2 1/2 l Barnes Bridge Ladies
W Nov 8o 3 Vesta R.C. 3 l Auriol Kensington R.C./Furnivall S.C. 1 l Thames R.C.
O S2 4+ 3 Cygnet R.C. 2 1/2 l Latymer School B.C. 2 1/2 l Auriol Kensington R.C.
O S4 4+ 3 Thames R.C. 2 l Haileybury BC 3 l Southampton Institute
O Nov 4+ 10 Thames R.C. 2 1/2 l Southampton Institute
O J16 4+ 3 Shiplake College B.C. 2 l Latymer School B.C. 4 l Kings College School Wimbledon
O J15 4+ 6 Latymer School B.C. e Emanuel School B.C. B
O Vet C/D 4+ 2 Sons of the Thames (Vet C) 4 l Auriol Kensington R.C.
W S3 4+ 2 Thames R.C. 1 1/4 l St Pauls Girls School
W Nov 4+ 5 Thames R.C. 4 l Auriol Kensington R.C./Furnivall S.C.
O S2 4- 3 Thames R.C. e London School of Economics R.C. e Cygnet R.C.
O Vet 4- 2 Auriol Kensington/Cygnet (Vet F) 1 1/2 l Bewl Bridge (Vet E)
O J16 4x 2 Kings College School Wimbledon 2/3 l Shiplake College B.C.
O J14 4x+ 8 Shiplake College B.C. A 2/3 l Latymer School B.C. A
W J16 4x 2 American School London e Godolphin & Latymer School B.C.
W J15 4x+ 3 Putney H.S. B.C./Thames R.C. B 2 l American School London 1 l Putney H.S. B.C./Thames R.C. A
O S3 2x 3 Furnivall S.C. 1 l Auriol Kensington & Guidford (dead heat)
O Nov 2x 3 Guidford R.C. e Shiplake College B.C. e Auriol Kensington R.C.
O Vet E/F/G 2x 4 Auriol Kensington/Cygnet (Vet F) canvas Bewl Bridge (Vet F)
W S3 2x 2 Auriol Kensington R.C. 4 1/2 l Putney Town R.C.
W Nov 2x 5 American School London 3 l Shiplake College B.C.
O E 2- 3 Latymer School B.C. 3/4 l Tyrian Club 4 l Thames R.C.
O S1 2- 2 Auriol Kensington R.C. 1 1/2 l Thames R.C.
O S2 2- 3 Cygnet R.C. e Auriol Kensington R.C. 2 1/2 l Furnivall S.C./Maidstone Invicta R.C.
O S3 2- 4 Shiplake College B.C. e Cygnet R.C.
O S3 1x 3 Day (Globe R.C.) 1/3 l von Kaltenborn (Furnivall S.C.) Barnes (Emanuel College Cambridge)
O Nov 1x 6 Campbell (Univ. Bristol B.C.) 2 1/2 l Hamilton (Furnivall S.C.)
O J16 1x 2 Adams (Oratory School London B.C.) 3/4 l Satch (Shiplake College B.C.
W S3 1x 2 Stotthart (Globe R.C.) 4 l Gill (Auriol Kensington R.C.)
W Nov 1x 2 Hill (Globe R.C.) e Mcmanaman (American School London)
W J 1x 2 Leighton (Latymer School) 4 l Stoltzfus (Putney H.S. B.C.)
W J16 1x 2 Minter (Putney H.S. B.C.) 1 1/3 l van de Voorde (American School London)