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race no. category qualifing winner second third margin
53 Men's Senior 3 Eights Q Mortlake Anglian & Alpha Thames Rowing Club  ?? Curlew Rowing Club ?? 2 L
59 Men's Novice Eights Q Imperial College Boat Club Shiplake College B ?? Curlew Rowing Club ?? 2 L
49 Men's Senior 2 Coxless Fours Q Furnivall Sculling Club Cygnet RC 4 L
61 Men's Senior 3 Coxed Fours Q Curlew Boat Club Mortlake Anglian & Alpha ?? Thames Rowing Club ?? 1/2 L
48 Men's Novice Coxed Fours Q Imperial College Shiplake College BC C 3 L
56 Men's Junior 15 Coxed Fours N/Q Shiplake College A Shiplake College BC B 3 L
41 Men's Junior Quadruple Sculls N/Q American School in London Latymer Sch BC 1/2 L
43 Men's Elite Coxless Pairs N/Q Tideway Scullers School Reading Rowing Club 4 L
52 Men's Senior 1 Coxless Pairs N/Q Cygnet Rowig Club Reading Rowing Club 4 1/2 L
42 Men's Senior 2 Double Sculls N/Q MAABC/TTRC composite Tideway Scullers School 2 1/2 L
45 Men's Senior 2 Single Sculls N/Q Grennan-Heaven - Thames Rowing Club Walter - Tideway Scullers School 1/2 L
57 Men's Senior 3 Single Sculls Q Walter - Tideway Scullers School R/O
50 Men's Novice Single Sculls Q Walker - Thames Rowing Club Jafri - Tideway Scullers School ?? Easily
58 Men's Junior Single Sculls N/Q Hoffman - American School in London Colson - American School in London 2 L
62 Women's Senior 3 Eights Q St Pauls Girls School Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 1/3 L
51 Women's Novice Eights Q Furnivall Sculling Club Imperial College Boat Club Thames Rowing Club canvas
54 Women's Senior 2 Coxed Fours N/Q Mortlake Anglian & Alpha Curlew Rowing Club 4 L
55 Women's Senior 3 Coxed Fours Q Furnivall Sculling Club Barnes Bridge Ladies Easily
47 Women's Novice Coxed Fours Q St Pauls Girls School Barnes Bridge Ladies Easily
60 Women's Junior 15 Quadruple Sculls N/Q Putney High School Boat Club American School in London Easily
44 Women's Senior 3 Single Sculls N/Q Skipper - Putney Town Rowing Club R/O
46 Women's Novice Single Sculls N/Q Salter - Barnes Bridge Ladies Ferris - Thames Tradesmen 4 1/2 L

Victor Ludorum Cup
Furnivall Sculling Club 14 points
Imperial College BC 10 points
St Pauls Girls School 10 points
Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC 10 points
American School London 5 points
Shiplake College BC 4 points
Putney HS 4 points
Curlew BC 4 points
Tideway Scullers School 3 points
MAABC/TTRC 2 points
Cygnet  BC 2 points
Thames RC 2 points
Barnes Bridge Ladies BC 1 point
Putney Town BC 1 point