Regatta poster 2024

Hammersmith Regatta will take place on Saturday 27 April 2024.

Free start, approximately 1,000 metres with the tide; winner stays on.

The regatta is run by an independent committee under British Rowing Rules of Racing and the RowSafe Safety Code.

The regatta is held on a tidal river under normal Tideway navigation rules. The river WILL NOT be closed to other users.

ENTRIES AND PAYMENTS VIA BRITISH ROWING ONLINE ENTRY ONLY. Please review the notes below before making your entry. Entries will close at 14:00 on Saturday 20 April 2024, but may be suspended earlier if over-subscribed. The draw will be made at 14:00 on Saturday 20 April 2024.

The following categories will be offered in four divisions. No doubling up will be accommodated within a division:


  • Entries will be divided into events based on ranking points
  • We may switch the event you have entered in order to provide competition as follows:
    • Adjacent Masters categories may be combined and races handicapped
    • Sch/Jun entries may be moved to senior
    • Other Junior entries may be moved up one age group (eg J15 moved to J16)
  • If you wish to offer other flexibility for your entry to ensure competition (such as masters racing senior, or alternative boat classes), please add this to the notes with your entry.
  • 4- and 2- entries: the committee expects a certain level of experience for these events (under the previous entry system, we had a minimum category of IM2 for these boats), and we reserve the right to exclude boats with particularly low ranking points. If there are mitigating circumstances for your crew then please add this to the notes with your entry.
  • Crews planning to row to the regatta from boathouses above Barnes Bridge: the committee would like to discourage you from doubling up and may exclude crews that do so. If you feel that this is within the capability and fitness of your crews, then please add the evidence to the notes with your entry. The timetable will not allow for a return to those boathouses between adjacent divisions.
  • British Rowing membership insurance is only valid for UK residents who are resident in the UK for more than six months in a year.
  • We encourage crews to pay their entry fees promptly. Entries still active (not withdrawn) at the close of entries are expected to pay the full entry fee, even if they subsequently withdraw (scratch). Paid entries for which there is no opposition will be refunded.
  • Enquiries and to provide additional information (no entries): Michael de Paoli,
  • The draw will be available on by the end of Monday 22 April 2024, along with all Competitor’s Instructions.